What is tune-up for a car?

According to Miriam Webster Dictionary, tune up means a general adjustment to ensure operation at peak efficiency.

In the automobile industry, tune up refers to the general maintenance works carried out at a certain interval or after traveling at a certain distance.

The particular requirement for tuning app is easily dictated in the service schedule by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Nowadays modern car can display the due date for tuning up electronically in the dashboard.

Actually tune up is the maintenance works to keep the motor engines in a better position to perform well. The owners’ personal interests are also a catalyst in the decision for maintenance of the car.

This servicing must be recorded in the service book which easily contributes to the reselling values of the car.


Car manufacturers set a specific maintenance schedule in the manual but the actual requirements for maintenances may vary typically based on the make model of the car. The attitude as well as behavior of the drivers or owners, and driving conditions also contributes to the requirement of turning.

Hey are the sum key points to note in deciding the schedule tuning up plan for a particular car:

  • The attitude of the car owners.
  • The number of trips undertaken.
  • The condition of the road used
  • Whether the road was dusty or mountainside
  • Whether the climate was of snow, cold or hot.
  • Whether the car is used for towing a trailer
  • Is the vehicle used for carrying any heavyweight?
  • Is it involves with a camper or boat?
  • The information from the previous maintenance log
  • The atmospheric conditions of the garage of the car


As mentioned earlier that there is no set rules for tuning up of a car. You can do it annually or bi -annually. The standard mileage for tuning up is 10000 to 12000 miles. However the scheduled tune up time for a car having electric ignition system is 25,000 miles to 100,000 miles. These 25000 miles applies to the car engine with fuel injection system.

The tune up schedule for the vehicle with go and stop driving attitude may require frequent tuning up.

Even if you are having the electronic ignition system in your car the following are the sign for taking tuning or adjustment:

A. The stalling of the car
B. The rough running of up of the engine during acceleration
C.  The starting of the car gets harder.


  • Refilling of the brake fluid
  • Replacing the spark plug
  • Tuning the engine
  • Checking the level of the brake
  • Changing the engine
  • Replacing the brake pads Changing the discs
  • Replacing the oil filter of the car
  • Replacing the brake drums
  • Replacing the cabin filter
  • Checking the grease and lubrication
  • Checking the label for transmission fluid
  • Replacing the timing belt/chain
  • Replacing the air filters
  • Using the scan tool for reading trouble code
  • Checking the error code in the ECU
  • Replacing the tire is necessary
  • Cleaning the exterior parts of the car
  • Cleaning the interiors of the car
  • Taking a thorough car wash
  • Inspection of the gearbox
  • Inspection of the car battery
  • Inspection of the clutches


Like all other sectors there are tens of myths in the automotive industry. Most of the US car owners believe that their motor oil should be changed at every 3000 miles travelling. The car driver prefers process to change the motor oil after driving 4,800 km, which is equivalent to 3000 miles. Car experts view that this myth has been publicized widely by the oil business owners for enhancing their oil sale share.

The owner manual of the car suggests that motor oil should be changed at every 6000 miles, which is equivalent to 10000 km. Nowadays mineral oil can serve the engine better than the ordinary oil.

Actually car owners became confused by hearing different short of views on the oil changing mythology. Auto manufacturer as we have mentioned that they recommend to change the oil in every 5000 to 7000 miles of travelling. Quick look chains suggested the interval of 3,000 miles. and most interesting Lee synthetic Oil Companies suggest to change the oil in every 10000 miles journey.


If you get your car tuned on the hourly rate, it may range from 50 to 80 US dollars. While a basic tune-up that is replacing the spark plugs and inspecting other wires may cost you from 40 to 150 dollars.

Your cost for servicing may significantly increase and may range from US dollar 500 to 1000 if you are turning up an old vehicle having been traveled over 100,000 miles.

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